KDPA Category Setup Guide

You asked for KDP categories, and now… You have KDP categories.

KDP category functionality has been added to our Kindle Direct Publishing Automation App.

You can now select up to 2 categories for each book, and this data comes from your spreadsheet. If you do not select any categories and leave these columns blank, then the app will select “Non-Applicable” as usual.

You can find the correct XLSX layout by exporting a new spreadsheet from the app. We simply added two columns after the Price column labeled Category #1, and Category #2, this means your old spreadsheets will continue to work fine without having to add any categories if you prefer.

How do the categories work?

We simplified this process as much as possible. You just need to copy / paste the FULL KDP category path into your spreadsheet, and then our app will do the rest.


KDPA Categories

Category #1:

Education & Reference > Education > Administration > School Superintendents & Principals

Category #2:

Juvenile Nonfiction > Biography & Autobiography > Science & Technology


How can I find the category paths?

You can find the path for categories very easily inside KDP by clicking “Paperback” inside your KDP Bookshelf, and then scrolling down to categories, expanding them, and selecting the category you’re after. You’ll see the full path that needs to be copied into the spreadsheet.


KDPA Categories 2

Thank you all for the continued feedback and support!

Let us know if you have any questions by leaving a comment below.


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