Teespring Template Guide for Merch Titans Automation

In this guide I’m going to show you how to setup your Teespring Template / Product URL and use it with Merch Titans Automation. We updated and improved the way we automate uploads to Teespring and we now require “Templates”. You’ll need to manually upload at least 1 design and […]

Merch Titans Automation Version 2.0 Training Videos

Merch Titans Automation supports 7+ Print on Demand platforms with more platforms on our development road map.  Below you’ll find a list of tutorial videos on how to setup and adjust your settings for EACH of the platforms we support along with more helpful information about each platform. Merch by […]

Canvas Titans Templates for Canva

Setting up templates for Kindle Direct Publishing or Print on Demand can require some additional work so we went ahead and put together a list of ready-to-go templates that you can simply click on and use directly on Canva.com. Kindle Direct Publishing Cover Templates KDP 6 x 9 – 120 […]

Canvas Titans Overview – Setup Guide & Tutorial

Are you new to Canvas Titans?  Watch the video below to get a full overview of our extension and a tutorial on how to setup your spreadsheet and designs on Canva.com for our Canvas Titans Chrome Extension. PLEASE NOTE: In order for Canvas Titans to work fully, you’ll need to […]

Kindle Direct Publishing Automation Tutorial & Setup Guide

Watch the video below to learn how to setup your spreadsheet and settings for our Kindle Direct Publishing Automation App. Please note: Our App has been updated multiple times since this video was created. The settings are all straight forward, but we added a section to the spreadsheet for categories, […]

KDPA Category Setup Guide

You asked for KDP categories, and now… You have KDP categories. KDP category functionality has been added to our Kindle Direct Publishing Automation App. You can now select up to 2 categories for each book, and this data comes from your spreadsheet. If you do not select any categories and […]

Merch Titans (Product & Keyword Research)

Content coming soon for Merch Titans Product & Keyword Research. Sign up for Merch Titans, and you’ll find it very easy to find good product ideas, niches, and keywords to use on Merch by Amazon, Kindle Direct Publishing, and Print on Demand.